Farewell From the Fish Tank

sad smiley 1

This is the last post for 34 Goldfish. The school year has finished in Australia and the fish are scattering. 10 new fish tanks for the fish in 2015 and one new pond for Caroline.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our visitors this year. Over 1500 from all over the globe. Thank you for viewing, commenting and sharing our learning. We have had lots of fun and are excited about being in Year 4 and 5.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Paper Chain Challenge

paper chain


Life in the fish tank is winding down for the year, with only 4 days left of the final term. Last week our Maths project was a Paper Chain Challenge. The object was to create the longest paper chain from an A3 piece of paper. It was great to watch the different strategies the fish used to make their chains and a couple of fish learnt how to make paper chains. Lots of learning going on.

Our winner was Marni (black arrow) who made a chain that was just over 9 metres long. She was closely followed by Taygan (red arrow).


Do you make paper chains at Christmas time?

What is the longest chain you have made?

Start Smart – Being wise with money

dollar sign

Today the Fish had a visit from Katie from the Commonwealth Bank Foundation. Katie came to explain about making smart choices with money. Even small amounts of money because small amounts grow into big amounts over time.


Some of Katie’s advice:

  • Make sure you keep money in safe places like money boxes and pockets with zips.
  • Get the stuff you need before buying the extras because it is annoying when you don’t have enough money left.
  • Think before you spend. Don’t be persuaded into making a silly choice.
  • Saving for something helps you learn about money.
  • If you save 5 cent pieces in a water bottle and you fill it to the top you will save about $35.
  • Saving is also about finding the best deal when you are buying.


Abbey’s Shoe Shop doing a Debit Card transaction with the Bank of Ethan over the Internet.

Katie wanted us to learn to spend money on purpose not by accident.

What advice would you give about being smart with money?

Aboriginal For A Day



Today the 3/4 Team got to learn about Aboriginal culture at our Aboriginal for a Day incursion. It was fabulous.


Big Al and his 2 sons, Pancake and Azza shared a lot of interesting things with us. We learnt about aboriginal dances, symbols, stories and history. We also got to perform a dance, create a picture using symbols and hear a crocodile Dreamtime story from Western Australia.



What experiences have you had to learn about another culture?

Balancing Men Part 1


balancing man 1

Last week, Ethan shared an activity he did at After School Care with us and our friendly neighbours. We loved it! So today we completed the first phase of making our own balancing men. We made the men today and on Thursday we will make them balance.

Check them out!

balancing man build

We also shared our thoughts about balancing men:

We think the balancing man is going to bounce on my finger. We think it might balance on everything ( Alannah and Madison)

We would like to know how does it hold up? (Zoe and Callum)

It balances by the wire and the bolt (Ahnaf and Connor)

You need: pop sticks, PVA or hot glue, a bolt and wire( Gracie and Sienna)

How does he actually balance? (Caitlyn and Baylee)

We think it’s going to look like a guy with a weird thing on it’s foot. (Abbey and Mikayla)

It can stick to anything that is metal( Anna and Christina)

We think that the wire is the thing that makes it balance  ( Jacob and Brayden)

Stickmen are cool, they balance really well and they are hard to make (Jessie and Dean)

It was fun making it, I wonder if it works ( Cruz and William C)

I think it might fall off ( Ethan and Angus)

The man is cool because it just balances by a nut ( Memphis and Will.P)

It can balance on your finger and anywhere ( Cheyenne and Alex)

We know how to make a balancing man. You need PVA glue, 4 popsticks, wire and a bolt. (Thomas and Riley)

I wonder how big you can make it? Ethan.T and Charlie.P)

It will balance ( Blake and Riley)

The stick man balances on your finger. The stick man has to have the same strength to balance. (Kain and Will)

We think the balancing man will be really hard to balance. You need four icy pole sticks, some PVA glue, some thin wire and a bolt. ( Georgia and Charlie,K)

Get your icy pole sticks use PVA glue, wire and a bolt to make the balancing man (Emily and Marni)

Our balancing man is big and smart (Crystal and Taygan)


Have you got a balancing toy?

Have you ever made a balancing toy? How did you do it?



Remembrance Day


The 11th of November is Remembrance Day across the Commonwealth. Remembrance Day is dedicated to people who died as a result of war, particularly from World War I onwards. A minute of silence, at 11am, is dedicated to the deceased, especially for soldiers who died fighting to protect the nations. Poppies are worn to symbolise the blood spilt as a result of war and were chosen to commemorate Remembrance Day because they grow wild across the battlefields of the Western Front.

The fish have been learning about this special day. We read two books that share the stories of the day in very powerful ways.


The fish were inspired by the London Poppy Memorial. To remember all those who have been lost in war, the fish decided to create fields of poppies and place them in the Remembrance Day display in the school foyer.


Making the fields

Making the fields

The Fields of Poppies

The Fields of Poppies

upclose cropped 2 upclose cropped 1


Lest We Forget.


#Culturebox Project


The Goldfish are taking part in the inaugural #Culturebox Project and we are proud to say that our ‘Box’ is now on its way to our partners in England. The fish were paired with a Year 9 class at Gordano School in Bristol.

We have had a lot of fun deciding what to include and the photo above gives some clues. (We will post a full picture of the contents once the package arrives as we don’t want to spoil any surprises.) The fish especially liked creating PowerPoint presentations of places in Australia we have visited to share our great country with our new friends.

We are now waiting nervously to see what they think.

What would you include to represent Australia’s culture?